Public Safety

Delmar Hepple

Municipal Fire Chief
Monessen Bureau of Fire

Monessen Fire Department #1 (‘Downtown’)
239 Donner Ave. Ste. B Monessen, PA 15062
(724) 684-7833

Monessen’s Downtown Fire Department’s constitution and by-laws date to Oct. 20, 1899. On Nov. 1, 1919, a charter re-application by the Volunteer Fire Department and Relief Association was filed. The Downtown Department has a rich history, dating back to the founding of Monessen.

Joe Altemara

Chief, Monessen Fire Department #1

Monessen Fire Department #2 (‘Hilltop’)
1510 Marion Ave. Monessen, PA 15062

Monessen Fire Department #2 was organized on Dec. 17, 1946, and also is known as Hilltop or Company No. 2. The station is located at the corner of Marion Ave and Grand Blvd. Hilltop and Downtown are “separate and distinct” legal entities. Both are under the general supervision and control of the City of Monessen and particular control of the Department of Public Safety.

Mike Castner

Chief, Monessen Fire Department #2

Mon Valley Emergency Medical Services (EMS)
1001 Donner Ave. Monessen, PA 15062

Monessen Ambulance Service, Inc., Doing Business as Mon Valley Emergency Medical Services is a non-profit 501c(4) organization that has been in existence since 1969. Their mission is to provide Medical care and transportation to the residents we serve.