Monessen Past & Present

Monessen is located along the Monongahela River in the southern part of Westmoreland County. The city’s name is derived from the first syllable of Monongahela with the name Essen which was a well known iron town in Germany.

Those living in Monessen take great pride in our city. We are a community under construction – constantly seeking ways to improve and grow. Driving through a visitor will see projects going on all around. New construction, renovations and community involvement demonstrate how Monessen is on the road to revitalization.

Monessen’s geographic location was and still is strategic. Our city was built to be a hub for industry and commerce. Monessen is equally situated between 5 county seats, and is part of the Greater Pittsburgh Region, the Mid-Monongahela Valley, the Rivers of Steel Heritage Corridor, and is one of the Western Gateways to the Laurel Highlands.


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