Police Department

The City of Monessen Police Department was formed in 1897, in order to protect the residents of the newly formed settlement, which would become the Borough of Monessen in 1898, and the City of Monessen in 1921. The City’s first police Chief was D.W. Cooper, and he was assisted by James Laird and Ewing L. Woolsey. Monessen’s first Police Officers patrolled on foot and by horse. Today, we have modern patrol cars, two of which are environmentally friendly, hybrid models. The first Monessen Police Station was located at 4th and Donner Avenue, in the City’s first Borough Building. Before the construction of the Borough Building in the early 1900s, City offices were held at the Louttit Building at 8th and Donner Ave. The Police Department moved to the Monessen City Hall at 3rd and Donner in 1927 and was headquartered there until 2012, when it moved to its present location at the new Monessen Public Safety Building, across the street. Our police department has been protecting residents for nearly 125 years.

The Police Department is controlled and managed by its Chief Executive Officer, Chief David Yuhasz. Legislative purview falls under the Mayor, and the Chief and Police Department is a part of the Department of Public Affairs. The Monessen Police Department is responsible for answered calls related to domestic issues, abuse, drugs, violence, and everything in between. The Monessen Police are also dedicated to giving back to their community, engaging with residents, and performing community service projects. They can often be found engaging with residents of all ages, getting to know them, and explaining what their job entails.

David Yuhasz
Chief, Monessen Police Department

Captain, Monessen Police Department

Aaron Thompson
Lieutenant, Monessen Police Department

Deneen Pesi
Police Department Clerk

Non-Emergency Number

The process to enter the police department includes a civil service test

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