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Monessen is a City of the Third Class, and follows the Third Class City Code, as provided by the General Assembly of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. Monessen is Commission-Form Government, with five total members of City Council.

City Council consists of the Mayor, and four at-large councilmembers, each appointed as the head of a specified city department. Councilmembers are appointed to the following department positions, by a majority vote a council: Accounts and Finance/ Vice-President of Council; Streets and Public Improvements; Public Safety; and Parks and Public Places.

The Mayor is the Chief Executive of the City and serves as President of City Council and head of the Department of Public Affairs; The Mayor also serves as tie-breaker of council votes; a Sheriff in times of public unrest; the Executive head of the Monessen Police Department; and Justice of the Peace, the Mayor can also intercede in all city departments and affairs as they see fit.

The Mayor and City Council also has the authority to appoint the at-will positions of City Clerk and City Administrator. In Monessen, as regulated by Ordinance, the City Administrator serves as the chief appointed city official. They are responsible for the administration of city affairs, and they serve as Deputy Director of all city departments. The City Administrator is also responsible for preparing an annual budget, managing all expenditures, assets, debts, trusts, and properties; implementing administrative controls; manage the procurement of materials; establish lines of administrative direction and control; manage the city personnel; expedites the business of the city; and acts as administrator and coordinator of all quasi-government city bodies, including the Community Development Block Grant Program (CDBG), Commissions, and Civic Boards and Committees. The City Administrator serves as the Right to Know Officer, and along with the City Clerk also supervises all printing and advertising.

The City Clerk of Monessen, as regulated by ordinance, maintains all city records, and serves as Deputy Director of Accounts and Finances. They also maintain all contracts, votes taken, resolutions, and ordinances. They certify all appointments and elections of subordinate officers and shall administer any required oaths.

Executive Officials – Department of Public Affairs

Ron Mozer
21st Mayor, City of Monessen



Anthony Orzechowski
Councilman, Vice President of Council,
Director, Chief Financial Officer,
Accounts and Finances


John Nestor
Councilman, Director of Public Safety


Lois A Thomas
Councilwoman, Director of Streets & Public Improvements


Karen Cosner
Councilwoman, Director of Parks and Public Property



Rosalie Nicksich
City Controller


Gerald Saksun
City Treasurer


Linda Matthews
City Clerk


Mike Korposh
City Administrator


Joseph Dalfonso
City Solicitor


Dave Yuhasz
Chief of Police


Delmar Hepple
Municipal Fire Chief


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