General City Questions

  1. How do I file a Right to Know (RTK) request?

You can use the standard right to know form, and forward your request to the City Clerk, via email, US mail, or in person.


  1. Where do I go to seek outside assistance for health and human services, or other programs?

Please visit the https://www.sphs.org/ ; https://wedacinc.org/; https://www.health.pa.gov/Pages/default.aspx ; https://www.monvalleyhospital.com/ for some outside Health and Human Service Providers.


  1. How do I donate a tree, bench, or other item in memory/honor of someone, to be placed in a park or public place?

Please contact the City Administrator to learn about available locations for your donation(s).


  1. Where can I go to volunteer or get involved in the community?

Monessen has many local and regional organizations! Organizations include, but are not limited to: Monessen Knights of Columbus, Monessen Lions Club, Monessen/Rostraver Rotary Club, Monessen Community Development Corp.; Greater Monessen Historical Society, Monessen Communities that Care; Monessen Youth Commission; Mon Valley Opioid Coalition; Friends of the Monessen Library; Monessen Elks; Monessen Parks Restoration Group; Monessen Tobacco Free Coalition; PuppyUp Monessen; Monessen Amphitheater Committee; Mon Valley NAACP.


  1. Where do I go to report a burnt out street light?

You may contact City Hall with the exact location of the light, and a telephone pole number (if possible).


  1. What kinds of recyclable items are collected by trash pickup?

Currently, plastics (1 and 2), paper, cardboard, glass, and aluminum.


  1. What are the set salaries of Mayor and Council?

Mayor: $4,800 per year; City Controller: $2,800 per year; City Treasurer: $6,800 per year (1/3 paid by the city, 1/3 paid by the school district, and 1/3 paid by the county); Council: $2,800 per year, as set by Ordinance.


  1. How do I get involved in city boards, authorities or commissions?

You may submit a letter of interest for vacant positions to City Hall (Attn: City Administrator), via email, email, or in person. Please also include a completed application found here.


9.Where can I find help for small businesses?

Here are some local and regional resources for small businesses https://www.sba.gov/; https://www.bridgewaycapital.org/; https://www.monmade.org/; https://mvrchamber.org/ ; https://monvalleyinitiative.com/; https://pasbdc.org/centers/university-of-pittsburgh ; http://neighborhoodallies.com/resources/business-financing-assistance/ ; https://dced.pa.gov/business-assistance/small-business-assistance/ ; https://pghworks.com/?utm_source=Google&utm_medium=Search&utm_campaign=July&utm_content=Together


  1. Where is my voting poll located?

You can find a list of precincts here or contact the Westmoreland County Election Bureau, if you aren’t sure.


  1. How do I request a handicap parking spot?

Please submit a letter to Mayor and Council, requesting the permit, a proposed location, a copy of you handicap placard. The Chief of Police will review your request, and then City Council will accept or deny your request, based on the information provided.




Treasurer’s Office

  1. How do I reserve a park pavilion or the city park amphitheater?

You may contact the Treasurer’s Office to reserve a park pavilion or the City Park Amphitheater, or other park facility. Please click here [insert pdf] for the current fee schedule.


  1. What permits do I need to hold a public event at a park or public property?

Depending on the type of event you are having, you may need any of the following: vendor permit, fireworks permit, or alcohol permit. Please contact the Treasurer’s Office to see what kind of permit you may need, based on your event.



  1. What forms of payment are accepted to pay property taxes, permit fees, garbage bills, or other bills?

The following forms of payment are accepted: Cash, personal check, money order, cashier’s check and credit card are all acceptable forms of payment to the City.  (All checks must be made payable to “City of Monessen”.)  However, credit card payments may NOT be made on any line usage payment, park fees, civic center fees, county taxes or school taxes. A service fee to the cardholder may apply, when paying by card.


  1. What available properties are owned by the city?

For a list of City-Owned properties, please click here.


  1. What available properties does the redevelopment authority own?

For a list of Redevelopment Authority-Owned properties, please click here.


  1. Where do I go to address an issue regarding trash pickup?

You may contact the City Administrator, or directly contact the Mon Valley Refuse Authority at mvrda1@gmail.com.


  1. What types of projects does the sewer line maintenance fee go towards?

Ratepayers in Monessen pay the Sewage Line Maintenance Fee. Each ratepayer is charged $12 per month. The fee goes towards the following, as related to the maintenance of sewer lines: equipment, engineering fees, manpower, inlet repair, or any other work related to the upkeep or sanitary and storm sewers in the City of Monessen.


  1. How do I find out who owns a particular property?

You can access the Westmoreland County GIS Tax Map at https://www.co.westmoreland.pa.us/1980/Tax-Mapping-Site-Disclaimer or contact the Monessen Treasurer’s Office, or the Westmoreland County Tax Claim Bureau.


  1. How can I request a blue recycling bin?

You may contact the Treasurer’s Office to request a recycling bin.



Code Office

  1. How do I report a potential code violation, property maintenance issue, or other code-related issue?

The best way to report a potential code violation, property maintenance issue, or other code related issue is by contacting the Code Office directly. Please include an address where the violation is taking place, and photos, if possible.


  1. How far goes the city’s right of way extend, from a roadway?

The City’s right-of-way extends 15 feet from the center of the roadway, in either direction.


  1. What kinds of permits are required in Monessen?

The following types of permits are required: occupancy, habitation, building, zoning, curb opening, sewer tap, sign, solicitation (through the Police Department), street and sidewalk openings, mercantile machines, on and off street permits (through the Police Department), business parking, city park/pavilion (through the Treasurer’s Office), demolition, dumpster.


  1. Where can I find the city’s ordinances?

You can go online to [insert link] to view the city’s ordinances. More complete ordinances can be viewed at City Hall.


  1. How do I file for a zoning variance?

Please see the Code Enforcement Office to file for a Zoning Variance.


  1. What do I need to do before installing a swimming pool?

A zoning and a building permit is required prior to installing a swimming pool.


  1. Can I shoot off fireworks? What kinds? Do I need a permit?

You may shoot off fireworks, depending on the type. The City of Monessen’s Ordinance limits where you can shoot fireworks in the city, and has set a curfew, as well. Please follow the State Police Guidelines here: [https://www.psp.pa.gov/public-safety/Pages/fireworks-safety.aspx] and view Monessen’s Ordinance here.


  1. How do I get rodents trapped or baited?

Please contact the Monessen Code Office. They will provide you with the information needed. You will also be asked to sign a waiver for the bait.


  1. How many dogs is it lawful to have, per household, in Monessen?
    It is unlawful to have more than two dogs at any time, in Monessen; unless they are puppies that are nursing.


Public Works


  1. How do I report a pothole?

You may contact the City Garage at: 724-684-8441, or Monessen City Hall at 724-684-9000. Please include exact location of the pothole(s) needing immediate attention.


  1. Where do I go to report a water line issue?

Please contact the Water Company at 724-483-3585


  1. Where do I go to report a gas line issue?

Please contact your Gas provider. If there is a leak or other emergency, please call 911!


  1. Where do I go to report a sewer line issue?

Please contact Mon Valley Sewage at 724-379-4141


  1. Where can I take large recyclable items that are not collected by trash pickup?

Please contact City Hall at 724-684-9000, and provide details about your item(s), so you can be advised on the best method possible.


  1. Does the city collect yard waste or large items for disposal?

The City Collects yard waste for a fee. Please contact the City Garage at 724-684-8441 for more information.


  1. What method is used in determining which roads get plowed and salted first, second, etc.?

Main roads and bus routes are typically paved first, followed by main hills, and neighborhood routes, then other secondary roads. Alleys are a last priority. A reminder that it is unlawful to shovel your snow into the road, and residents must keep their sidewalks shoveled.


  1. What kind of funding is used for road paving, and how are the roads selected?

Primarily, roads in Monessen are paved using Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) money, although there are exceptions, depending on the availability of funds.  CDBG funds can only be used in low-moderate income neighborhoods. Road paving is based on roads that are: 1. Most damaged and/or near or at imminent failure; 2. Most traveled; 3. Impact the most residents. When there are utility issues, and roads need to be opened due to a line needing replaced, it is the responsibility of the utility company opening the road, to pave the road curb-to-curb, for at least the duration of the opening.



Public Safety

  1. How do I contact the police department for a non-emergency issue?

The City of Monessen Police Department Non-Emergency Number is 724-684-4620


  1. How do I get a parking lease?

You can get a Downtown Parking lease by calling or visiting the Monessen Police Department, during business hours.