Monessen has two Volunteer fire departments. No. 1 Department has been in existence since 1898.  Hilltop was started in 1946 to accommodate the growth of the city with the Park Plan.  Each department has their own Chief, they report to the Municiple Fire Chief who in turn reports to the Director of Public Safety.

Director of Public Safety

Dave Feehan

Municiple Fire Chief

Chris Rhome

Hilltop VFD

Chief - Delmar Hepple

1st Asst Chief - Don Gregor

2nd Asst Chief - Mark Colombo

Captain - Vern Campbell

Captain - Dan Sinsley

Captain - Jaimie Sethman

Captain - Steve Ackerman

Safety Officer - Jay Sethman

Safety Officer - John "Gorpo" Poprosky

Fire Dept No. 1

Chief - Joe Altemara

Asst Chief - Chuck Kozar

Asst Chief - CJ Pidich

Captain - Ryan Hess

Captain - Paul Buchko

Captain - Tony Evans

Safety Officer - Jerry Dankosky

Safety Officer - Jim Pallini

Accountability Officer - Ryan Speck

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